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Mon 26 Feb 18

Dispensary Corner 26 Feb 18

REPRODUCTION experts have long held the view that to ensure ongoing male fertility men should wear boxer shorts and not briefs, but what if you think a patient is a little too fertile.

Fri 23 Feb 18

Dispensary Corner 23 Feb 18

DEDICATION to the task, what every company owner and manager dreams of in staff, was demonstrated to the nth degree when a US morning radio show presenter gave birth on air during her show.

Thu 22 Feb 18

Dispensary Corner 22 Feb 18

THEY'RE willing to fork out for fancy food and bigger seats to fly in some comfort, away from the "the great unwashed", but it seems there's one item Virgin Australia's Business Class passengers can't resist pinching.

Wed 21 Feb 18

Dispensary Corner 21 Feb 18

THE people of the United Kingdom were feeling significantly lighter this week after a major chicken shortage shut down KFC stores across the country.

Tue 20 Feb 18

Dispensary Corner 20 Feb 18

SUFFERERS of conditions like irritable bowel syndrome beware - it might get you involved in a brouhaha at 40,000 feet.

Mon 19 Feb 18

Dispensary Corner 19 Feb 18

PEOPLE can remain very loyal to their doctor, often citing trust as a major factor in the selection process, however when a GP retires it can present patients with a stressful search to locate a new medico they have confidence in.

Fri 16 Feb 18

Dispensary Corner 16 Feb 18

THE man famed for being the fifth most talented actor to play James Bond is facing jail in India.

Thu 15 Feb 18

Dispensary Corner 15 Feb 18

VALENTINE'S Day supposedly makes the heart grow fonder, but rarely have people accused fast-food giant KFC of doing the same thing - however perhaps the following story might persuade you to think differently.

Wed 14 Feb 18

Dispensary Corner 14 Feb 18

HOW would you respond if you woke up one morning to find your voice had abandoned you in exchange for the dulcet tones of a foreigner - that's what happened to Michelle Myers from Arizona who rose one day to find she could only speak with a British accent.

Tue 13 Feb 18

Dispensary Corner 13 Feb 18

IN WHAT has been described as US President Donald Trump's Marilyn Monroe moment, a gust of wind has sent the world's plastic surgeons into a collective tizzy as wisps of Trump's hair recently parted to reveal what some suspect is a surgical scar.

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