Win with Milky Foot

This week Pharmacy Daily and Biorevive areMILKY FOOT ACTIVE ONE SIZE MOCK UP
giving away Milky Foot Active each day.
Milky Foot Active is an effortless at home pedicure
treatment which combats foot odour and removes
hardened dead skin through an intense peeling
action – all in just one simple application. With
Milky Foot Active, your feet can get a complete
makeover; from rough and smelly to beautifully
soft and fresh. Visit
To win, be the first person from NSW or ACT
to send the correct answer

Monday 28 Sep 15
What differentiates Milky Foot Active from the original Milky Foot?

Tuesday 29 Sep 15
How long do you need to keep the Milky Foot Active socks on for?

Wednesday 30 Sep 15
What is the new added ingredient in Milky Foot Active that helps fight foot odour?

Thursday 1 Oct 15
What are the 2 ingredients in Milky Foot Active that work to exfoliate hardened dead skin from the feet?

Friday 02 Oct 15
What size is Milky Foot Active?

Note: This competition ran in September 2015 and entries have closed.