Clear Shave Gel by Milkman

MILKMAN Grooming Co has redefined what it means to have a clean, close shave with their cool, new Clear Shave Gel. Milkman’s Clear Shave Gel is water-based not soap based, so it doesn’t dry the skin, making it perfect for teens learning how to shave and those with sensitive skin. It allows for the blade to glide across the face with minimal resistance, reducing the amount of strokes needed to complete a shave which is always a bonus! Its peppermint and menthol fragrance invigorates both smell and touch with a soothing freshness on the skin that keeps faces feeling cool before, during and after a shave. Milkman Grooming products are cruelty free and are only tested on men.

Stockist: 02 9712 8889

RRP: $25.00