G and M Cosmetics Australian Creams MK II

MKII Australian Sorbolene Moisturising Cream with 10% glycerine is formulated to reduce moisture loss from the skin helping minimise damage and irritation. With no added colouring or perfumes, this gentle non-greasy moisturiser is recommended for dry, damaged and sensitive skin, including babies. MKII Australian Vitamin E Skin Repair Cream is a luxurious, rich moisturising cream designed to provide soothing relief to the driest skin. With natural antioxidant vit E, this cream can help support the skin’s natural healing and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, age spots and skin blemishes.

Stockist: 02 9540 3395

RRP: $7.99 ea (mention PD for 20% disc for new phcy customers in Nov)